Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Does Residential Glass Cover Your Windows?  

Bay Window

Like everything else these days, there are more choices in windows than I could possibly list here.
But here are a few:
Single Sash Window: two panels set vertically. The bottom panel moves up to open the window. The top panel generally stays in one fixed position.
Casement Window: The panel is operable, hanging on a hinge that allows the window to be opened like a door.
Awning Window: It is mounted vertically with a hinge at the top so the panel is pushed out to open. It allows air flow, but keeps out debris such as falling leaves or light rain.
Bay Window: They are not usually operable. They are useful for allowing maximum light into a room as the sun travels from one end of the sky to the other throughout the day.
Palladian Window: This is a large panel, consisting of several small panels with a curved top and usually two smaller side panels.
Double Hung Window: Two panels arranged vertically and both the top and the bottom panel move all the way up and all the way down. Most popular type. 
Single Sash
Jalousie Window: This is very American. It consists of thin, staggered strips of glass that open and close at the same time, similar to a Venetian blind. 
The list is much much longer, but I'm getting bored and you are wondering when I will get to something you can use. 

Do you need window coverage on your home insurance policy?

That would be useful to know- right?
Most policies will include "Residential glass" coverage for about $10 annually. This generally will cover up to $100 per pane to replace broken glass. The most common claims are a tree falling into your window or maybe a baseball hit into your window. Although I think that is less common these days thanks to shatter resistance glass technology. This will not cover leaking windows, rotting frames, worn old seals or breakage caused by fire, war or nuclear reaction.

How expensive are windows?

Generally windows can run from $250 for basic windows to thousands of dollars for Specialty windows. The pricing varies greatly due to the different types of windows (see the partial list above) and the quality of the product and the contractor installing the windows. The more inexpensive windows will not last as long, look as nice or be as soundproof or energy-efficient as some of the more expensive options. This doesn't mean the more expensive the better. Get an experienced, certified contractor and preferably someone referred by a relative or friend you trust. 

Replacing windows can increase the aesthetic value of your home. You also want them to be functional and productive. Know your options before
making repairs. If you have the residential glass coverage, know when you can use it as well as when the coverage will not apply. If you don't have it, ask your agent if it is an option on your home insurance policy. It is a very inexpensive coverage that can save you a good bit of money!

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Monday, June 4, 2018

Home additions

Additions Need Additional Insurance

Are you thinking of adding onto your home? Or upgrading/ remodeling what you already have? Talk to your insurance agent first and see if you need additional coverage.


If you are doing a minor remodel including paint, cabinet and new appliances or a mid-grade remodel, adding new flooring, lights, furniture also, you shouldn't need to increase your coverage. But if you are doing a high end remodel that includes floor plan changes, window installments, granite counter tops, among the other changes listed, you will need reevaluate the dwelling value for your home. The difference between the value of a "Builders Grade" bathroom (a very basic bathroom) and a "Designer" bathroom is over $21,000. The difference in value of a "Builders Grade" and a "Designer" kitchen is almost $150,000. You want to make sure you have enough coverage to rebuild your home to its current standard. 

Building Additions

If you are building an addition to your home, such as another bedroom or a sun room, you will need to a Builders Risk policy while building the addition. If you hire a contractor, this should be included in their General Liability coverage. (Get verification!) The value of the addition needs to be added to your home insurance policy from the start. Take into consideration there will be additional square footage as well as fixturing, plumbing and electrical work that will add value. Consider how much coverage you have for your personal property for the additional furniture also. You should be able to increase the coverage amount if you need to. 

Building Other Structures

If you are building a Detached garage or a swimming pool, these would be covered under "Other Structures". This is usually a predetermined percentage of the Dwelling amount, usually 1-% - 20%. Some policies will let you increase/decrease this coverage. The average cost to build/replace a basic detached garage is between $9,000 and $12,000. The average cost to build a pool is $22,000. Of course these costs will increase with higher end materials and more square footage.

With all projects, take before and after pictures and keep your receipts. If you hire a contractor, ask for verification of their General Liability insurance up front and keep a copy of the signed contract and invoices. If you have friends/family help you with the project, make sure your home insurance policy has enough guest medical and liability coverage for any possible injuries. Take a look at your insurance coverage as you make your plans. There may be an additional cost associated with increasing the coverage and you want to include this in your budget. Please don't wait until your renewal to talk to your agent about your coverage. Weather and fire will not wait for your renewal, so please make sure you are covered correctly from the start!

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